Unique Sports Perfect Gifts

Whether you like baseball, football, basketball, golf or hockey, there are way too many choices out there when looking for the perfect gift.
There are a number of good reasons to go for a unique sports gift. The simplest is the birthday gift but the unexpected is at the beginning of a season or an induction into the hall or fame and of course the best time after your team wins the championship.

Many of the gifts out there that celebrate a team's history or championship don't cover enough of the details. Many times its way too heavy on the positive side of the story and they don't show the whole pictures of the trials and tribulations that the team went through to win the championship game.

The best way to take a look back at the team's season is from the classic newspaper's point of view. Newspaper reporters are well-known for their meticulous criticism and support for a team in any sport. Granted sometimes the home town newspaper does not have the best coverage or the best photos cause of the money. But when in doubt you can always rely on the New York Times. No matter what team they cover or issue, you know that the writing is going to be great and the pictures are going to breathe-taking. So do not settle for anything less.
You can get some great stuff from the New York Times. One of the top ones is the personalized NFL team history book which documents the greatest moments in your favorite team's history.

You can check out all the statistics and stories behind the legacy or your team.
If a specific friend or family member is not a fan of any one particular NFL team but just loves the sport and from time to time jumps on the bandwagon, there is the second option.
The Super Bowl History and Greatest Moments collection is the way to go. Relive the history of America's greatest sporting event and read about football's most legendary teams in a compilation of newspaper articles and photos.
If they are a baseball fan you can get something similar in the New York Times Baseball Yearbook. Which you can get hardbound with the recipient's name embossed in gold. Each yearbook contains pages of digital reprints from the New York Times that feature your team's triumphs and unforgettable moments.
There are many other compilations of sports history and greatest moments from golf to boxing, and the Kentucky Derby. My Personal favorite is the NCAA Final Four tournament in college basketball. It's the most fast paced and competitive tournament around. Each and every team is surrounded by the most exuberant fans from their college campus. It's quite the thrill to watch the tournament and even better to get the chills as you read about the history and the highlight to set the back drop of the story leading up to the live games.
No matter what type of sports fan you or your friends are, there is always something out there to get you connected to the game you know and love.

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